Personalised Assistance

What is Personalised Assistance?

Every child has individual learning needs and different learning styles. It is always a best practice to understand the child's requirements before actual teaching begins.

To cater to the child's specific needs, we conduct a pre-assessment with your child. This facilitates the tutor to better understand children and their specific requirements. The specific learning and practice plan is then curated personalised to the child, based on this assessment results. 

How does it work?

  1. Our expert tutor will conduct the pre-assessment session(one-hour) with your child in a friendlier manner. 

  2. The detailed report of this assessment will be created, including scores, correctly marked answers, detailed analysis of strong areas of the child and areas which require more focus.

  3. The detailed tutoring plan will be created as per the pre-assessment report.

  4. The detailed exam practice plan will also be created as per targeted schools.

You'll get:

  • Detailed Personalised Tutoring Plan

  • Detailed Personalised Exam Practice Plan

  • Monthly Mocks

  • Detailed Progress Reports

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